About Chimera

Chimera Securities is a NYC-based broker-dealer specializing in discretionary and automated trading in equities and options. We develop and support over a hundred professional traders through a sophisticated platform that includes capital allocations, advanced technology, and robust infrastructure. Since our launch in 2000, our continued expansion is the result of relentless investment in the long-term success of our traders.

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Notice to Prospective Traders 

Prospective traders with no prior trading experience are eligible for our training program.  We do not accept capital contributions from traders with no experience.  Experienced traders interested in joining Chimera may or may not be required to put down a capital contribution dependent on an evaluation of past performance.  Please visit our Careers page for more information or to apply. 



Aspiring Traders

Chimera offers a compelling opportunity for new traders to join our training program. Candidates chosen to participate in the program will never be asked to pay for training or to make a capital contribution.

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Experienced Traders

Chimera is a favored destination for experienced traders in search of a better platform on which to expand their business.  Experienced traders may or may not be required to make a capital contribution dependent on an evaluation of past performance.

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