Trading | Training Program

Since 2000, hiring and developing recent college graduates has been at the core of Chimera’s identity.  The Chimera Training Program is our system for building lasting foundational skills for equity traders.

We never require capital contributions or "education" fees. 



Program Philosophy

The following are some of our core beliefs underlying the Chimera Training Program. 

  • Invest in traders, not vice-versa: Do not take or require capital contributions or training fees from new traders
  • Trading talent begets trading talent: Use only top traders as trainers and surround trainees with proven successful professionals
  • Accelerate the learning curve through live trading: the market is the best classroom
  • Drill the basics, like risk/reward computation, until they are second nature and machine-like
  • Adaptability is paramount: constantly develop the trader's strategy toolbox to foster success in any market
  • Inspire openness and honesty throughout the process: ask tough questions, demand accountability


Curriculum Overview

Though it is constantly being assessed and improved, the following are some of the basic components of the Chimera Training Program.

  • Training conducted by firm Head of Trading and Trading Development Directors, each of whom are highly successful traders
  • Begins with 2-3 week classroom intensive aimed at conveying core concepts
  • Software training and market trading simulation
  • SIE & Series 57TO (Securities Trader Exam) course and materials
  • After licensing and demonstrating understanding of fundamentals, trainees begin supervised live trading with Chimera capital allocation
  • Rotation throughout trading floor to learn new strategies and to enable trainees to identify their own unique style
  • Daily pre- and post-market meetings and regular seminars conducted by top traders
  • Regular team building exercises:  trading contests, social events, volunteering

Check out our Careers page for New Traders to learn more about the recruiting process.