Technology | Trading Tools

For many firms, "trading technology" just means a licensed trading platform and a T1 line.  We seek to offer trading advantages not only through our front-end platforms and back-end connectivity, but also through all of the tools that operate in between.

Proprietary Trading Tools

Our in-house development team builds unique trading tools aimed at boosting trader profitability.

Stock Locate GUI:

Chimera’s Stock Locate GUI electronically links our trading platforms to a third party stock loan desk helping ensure seamless and compliant shorting while keeping costs low

Application Linker:

By linking our DMA software (market maker or Level 2 quote window), our Application Linkers facilitate the rapid communication of trading data between multiple trading systems and tools.  The linkers are compatible with almost every third party application used by traders today.


The Chimera Applications Hub (CASH) houses several unique tools designed to boost trader profitability and improve the overall trading experience:

Symbol Data:

Chimera’s Symbol Data filters allow traders to pull technical data as well as fundamental information into clean, easy-to-use filters, displaying scores of user-requested statistics.  

Realtime Analysis:

Traditional filters and scans are restrictive in that they can only sort based on one value. Our Realtime Analysis filters combine multiple inputs to filter the market.  The result is better trading opportunities  and a reduction in extraneous information.

Economic News:

Instant access to over 40 market-moving economic releases is a huge advantage for traders, The Economic News filter not only provides that access, but also frames the number around a user-determined estimate. 

3rd Party Trading Tools

Chimera has relationships and development expertise with many leading providers of news, analytics, and charting.  Below are some of the providers with whom we've worked.  It is by no means an exhaustive list and we are always open to integrating with new partners

Charting & Analytics:  

eSignal, Bloomberg, among others

News & Information: 

Newsware,, among others