Introduction:  The Importance of Diversification

The likelihood of a single trading strategy succeeding consistently over the long term is low.  Markets constantly evolve and arbitrage opportunities are efficiently competed away.  Chimera is diversified by strategy, asset class, and access method.  We encourage traders to expand across categories to become as fluid and adaptable as the markets. 


How We Trade: Strategy & Approach

Our focus is on well-defined risk/reward opportunities traded electronically on short time scales, from a few seconds to a few weeks.  Within these general principles, we encourage traders to develop their own trading strategies and identities and to be highly adaptable to market conditions.  Strategies include:  arbitrage, momentum, relative strength, event-driven, and technical.

Things we are not:  high-frequency traders, market makers, fundamental long-term traders


What We Trade: Asset Classes

Equities:  Primarily US, including ETFs.  We trade a very diversified set of companies, often exceeding 1,000 individual names in a day.  We specialize in trading highly liquid securities.

Options:  Including stock and index options


We are always looking for opportunities to expand with the right trading partners.


Whose Capital Do We Trade?

As a principal trading firm, Chimera does not have customers or investors.  We exclusively trade our own capital.  Experienced traders may join the firm as members and contribute their own capital.  We believe that trading is intense enough on its own without the added pressure of managing outside money.

Discretionary Proprietary Trading

Check out how Chimera has become a leading destination for top discretionary traders.

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Training Program

Chimera has been training traders successfully since 2000.  Read more about our program here. 

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