Careers | New Traders

Chimera has been successfully training traders since 2000.  We hire selectively into our core Training Program and always take risk on new traders. 

We never require capital contributions or "education" fees. 


Recruiting Process

Chimera generally offers two training classes each year.  Applications are due at least two months prior to the start date, though job postings should specify the exact date. 

We typically recruit on campus at the following schools for positions in NYC:

New York University

Boston College

Northwestern University

Indiana University, Bloomington

Seton Hall University

University of Michigan

Rutgers University

Boston University


If your school is not on the list, or if you are a recent alum, email to be considered for the training program.

The goal of the training program is to give trainees the necessary tools to successfully trade in this fast paced, dynamic market environment. New traders will be trained under the supervision and instruction of experienced traders.

The duration of the program is four months and it is unpaid. There is no guarantee of an offer of employment at the end of the training program. 

Please contact us at for our current recruiting schedule or with any questions.


What we Look For

  • Strong demonstrated interest in trading as a career

  • Ability to manage risk, stress, and uncertainty

  • Intelligence with proven quantitative skill

  • Competitive drive

  • Entrepreneurial spirit

  • Persistence, resilience