Trading | Discretionary Proprietary Trading

We want Chimera to be the preferred destination for exceptional professional traders.  We try to achieve that goal by continuously investing in the long-term profitability of our traders and never compromising quality.

What We Offer Discretionary Proprietary Traders

Chimera provides a sophisticated broker-dealer platform that provides the expertise, capital, and support to let traders focus on trading and trading only:

  • Capital Allocations
    • Chimera proprietary capital, from initial trainee funding to large-book traders
    • Introductions to hedge funds and other financing sources
  • Trader Development
    • Chimera Training Program
    • Mentorship program
    • Regular training seminars
  • Trading Floor (see below for more)
  • Open-door Access to Expert Staff & Partners
  • Choice of Leading Trading Platforms & Tools
  • Extensive Easy-to-Borrow List with Automated Access to Multiple Stock Loan Providers
  • Risk Management, Reporting & Back-office
  • Competitive Compensation & Benefits
    • Salary and bonus opportunity for new traders
    • No education or training fees
    • Aggressive payouts for experienced traders
    • Expense reimbursement program
    • Mark-to-market and trader status for tax purposes


About the Trading Floor

The newly renovated trading floor at our NYC headquarters is one of our key differentiators. Trading floors can often be small, dark, and either sparse or filled with traders of questionable skill. Highlights of our floor:

  • Newly renovated, overlooking Union Square Park
  • Unlike the typically dull Wall Street or Midtown floor, located in the exciting Union Square neighborhood
  • Vibrant, collegial floor packed with outstanding traders; we don't compromise our commitment to quality
  • Diversity of strategies and asset classes increases trader development while reducing adjustment periods during market shifts
  • Open, collaborative culture that is intense and competitive but always in good spirit


Remote Trading

Chimera traders may opt to trade remotely with complete access to our broker-dealer platform. Highlights include:

  • Choice of multiple trading platforms and access to proprietary tools
  • Dedicated access to help desk staff with expertise in remote trading