About Us | Chimera Advantages


Chimera’s only business is investing in traders.  We offer professional traders an environment long on talent, trust, and resources and short on bureaucracy and headaches.  


Our Advantages:

Commitment to Talent and Building the Best Floor

We are extremely selective in taking on new traders: experienced traders must have excellent track records and new traders must show outstanding potential to be considered for our training program.  Our philosophy on building a trading floor is simple:  trading talent begets trading talent.  Compromising quality for short-term profit dilutes the floor and destroys morale.   


Technology for Liquidity, Speed, and Flexibility

Chimera has invested heavily into its technology platform, including:

  • Multiple direct-access trading platforms for both discretionary and automated trading and for multiple asset classes
  • Onsite development team dedicated to building Automated Trading platforms and proprietary trading tools


Balance Sheet & Commitment to Risk Management

Successful traders should not have to worry about the firm’s financial position or the day-to-day availability of funding.  We have built our balance sheet and risk management methodology accordingly. Our scale has also enabled us to secure relationships not available to smaller firms.


True Career Building

Trading can be a rewarding career, but is not for the weak-willed.  Many traders can’t sustain long-term profitability, stress can be high, and the competition gets ever more sophisticated.  Our training program focuses not on tricks but on the fundamentals of trading and risk/reward decisions in order to build adaptable long-term traders. 


Trader Development:  Investing in Traders, not Vice-versa

Training traders has been at our core since the first Chimera entity was formed in 2000.  Trader education is not a separate business or profit center, it is integral to what we do.  We have always and will always take risk on our trainees and view live trading as an integral part of trader education.