Who We Are

Chimera Securities is a NYC-based broker-dealer specializing in discretionary and automated trading in equities and options.

We develop and support hundreds of professional traders and emerging fund managers through a sophisticated platform offering capital allocations, advanced technology, and robust infrastructure. We have expanded steadily since our launch in 2000, driven by a commitment to investment in the long-term success of our traders.

Chimera is a principal trading firm, meaning that we trade only the firm’s capital and have no customers, clients or outside investors. We are registered as a broker-dealer with the SEC and overseen by the NASDAQ PHLX. We think this structure is ideal for entrepreneurial professional traders, as it offers autonomy, ownership (of trading earnings and IP), and the security of regulatory oversight.

We are headquartered in the Union Square neighborhood of New York City, where we feature a modern 17,000 square foot trading floor.


How We Got Started

Chimera’s partners launched successful trading careers in the late-90’s as electronic trading began
transforming the equities markets. They quickly became friends and, as proprietary trading trainees, became interested in the art and science of developing traders. They began first by trading together, then by teaching a small group of close friends and family to trade.

What started as a casual side project quickly gained momentum. The four formed Chimera in 2000 and then persevered, and learned to profit, through one of the deepest bear markets in history. Founding a company in that environment was a profound test, but it forged our commitment to risk management and to developing a firm and traders that are adaptable, fluid, and built to succeed in any market.


Chimera Advantages

Chimera’s only business is investing in traders.  We offer talented traders an environment long on talent, trust, and resources and short on bureaucracy and headaches. 

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